Qualified and experienced staff

You'll notice as you read through these short bios that all of our teachers have Early Childhood Education Certification, and most have been with us for decades. You can trust that your children will thrive under their experience, professionalism and obvious love of teaching.

  • JULIA BENWELL - Director

    Mrs. Benwell started Tiny Treasures in 1991 and has served as our Director since that time. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and a Bachelor of Education Degree from Mount Saint Vincent as well as her E.C.E. Certification. She also serves as the Children’s Pastor of Spectrum Kids’ Ministry at Rock Church. She is married with two sons and a daughter.

  • nancy weir - Acting Director & Head Teacher, room 202

    Mrs. Weir has been at Tiny Treasures from our beginning, that’s 30 years! She has her E.C.E Certification and serves as the Assistant Director of Tiny Treasures. She is a key leader in Spectrum Kids Ministry at Rock Church. She is married and has three daughters, two of whom have taught/substituted at Tiny Treasures. She has five grandchildren.

  • beverly doucette - head teacher, room 201

    Mrs. Doucette has been at Tiny Treasures for 25 years, coming to us from South End Day Care. She has her E.C.E. Certification as well as her Certification as a teacher with Music for Young Children, and has taught music in her home studio for 27 years. She is the Nursery Coordinator at Rock Church. She is married with three adult sons, an adult daughter and is a grandmother of seven.


    Mrs Auton has been teaching at Tiny Treasures since 1998. Lori earned her Bachelor of Arts from Saint Mary's University and completed her E.C.E. Certification. She is married and has four adult children, all of whom attended Tiny Treasures when they were young. 

  • Leanne Fougere - teacher